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Wilted Spinach with sesame and garlic


A Korean combination of wilted spinach with garlic, soya sauce and honey.

Serves 2 Preparation time 5 mins Cooking time 5 mins Cost per portion £ 0.49

1. First toast the sesame seeds – heat a pan over a medium heat then add the sesame seeds and stir until they turn a light brown, then transfer them immediately into a separate bowl. (They burn easily).
2. Heat the sesame oil in a large pan or wok over a medium heat and add the crushed garlic and cook it until it just starts turning a golden brown.
3. Add the washed spinach and cook until it is just wilted – this shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes over a low to medium heat.
4. Take the pan off the heat and stir in the soya sauce and honey.
5. Sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds on top before serving – it can be served warm or cold.

1 tablespoons sesame oil
2 large cloves garlic – crushed
200g fresh spinach – washed and drained
1 teaspoon sesame seeds – toasted
teaspoon soya sauce
teaspoon honey

Health Benefits of Spinach
Spinach has a high nutritional value and is extremely rich in antioxidants, especially when fresh, steamed, or quickly boiled. It is a good source of the following vitamins: A (especially high in lutein), B2, B3 (niacin), B6, B9 (folic acid), C, E and K; and the following minerals – magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, potassium, copper, phosphorous, zinc, and selenium.

Nutrition Information for Spinach with Sesame and Garlic

Nutrition per 100g per portion RDA women RDA men RDA child
Energy 110 kcal 134 kcal 7% 5% 7%
Protein 2.9 g 3.6 g 8% 7% 15%
Carbohydrate 6.4 g 7.8 g 3% 3% 4%
Total Sugars 6.1 g 7.5 g 8% 6% 9%
Total Fat* 8.2 g 10 g 14% 11% 14%
Polyunsaturates 3.7 g 4.5 g
Mono Unsaturates* 2.9 g 3.6 g
Saturated Fat 1.2 g 1.4 g 7% 5% 7%
Fibre* 1.9 g 2.4 g 10% 10% 16%
Salt 0.8 g 1.0 g 17% 17% 26%

* Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet for an average adult.
Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Allergens: Sesame, Soya

Cost per recipe: £ 0.98
Cost per portion: £0.49

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