What’s so good about my recipes you might ask yourself? Well, I think that they are all delicious and if you follow them to the letter they will work – hence the name of this website.

The inspiration for this website comes from my love of cooking and collecting recipes – I have been reading cookbooks and going on cooking courses  since I was 11 years old – so this is a compilation of recipes that I have accumulated over the years from friends, relatives, courses and adaptations of recipes from various books. Each and every one of these recipes has been tried and tested (repeatedly); many of the recipes were originally handed on to me in a fairly imprecise form, and I have meticulously worked out the exact amounts of each ingredient. I have sacrificed on being succinct so that the recipes are clear enough for novice cooks to follow – I think it’s better to have a little bit too much information than to not have enough when following  instructions. Also I find it frustrating when recipes say ‘add a little bit of’ or ‘a dash of’ – I personally feel that when following a recipe it’s best to have no guesswork – I like things being precise and perfect, so I have endeavoured to make the recipes as clear as possible.

This website is a work in progress and my aim is to ultimately make it a comprehensive compendium of diverse recipes.

As my previous vocation in life was being a doctor, I couldn’t resist adding a few health facts (mostly gleaned from trawling the internet) about some of the recipe ingredients.

I hope that there are recipes here for everyone – there is a considerable range  – from a simple ‘masala omelette’ to a more ambitious ‘lobster thermidor’; hopefully this website will aid you in some of your cooking aspirations.

Last, but not least, thanks to Derek for designing this website and a special thanks to my children for being guinea pigs!